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Get to know Cindy
Rella Services by Cindy

Growing up with her name "Cindy," often Nicknamed "Rella" from Cinderella is how
R  ella Services by Cindy
Business name was created!

Wedding Coordination Is A Service "Most Misunderstood"

Wedding Coordination . . ."It's all about managing the logistics"

The coordinator typically plays no role in the decision-making process; it's the coordinator's job to make sure that the couple's plans fall into place at the right time as their work put into planning happens in the days leading up to and on the day of the wedding.  Wedding coordination management is a service most misunderstood.  The value of hiring a Wedding Coordinator is often questioned and only fully realized after the wedding day is over.  This is not the same service as what your venue may include.


At Rella Services by Cindy, it is our mission to streamline the processes from what can be an overwhelming number of choices and allows access to your coordinator during the entire planning process for your peace of mind.  We will tie all the loose ends together to execute an orchestrated event so you can then be fully present on the day of the wedding to take it all in without missing every well-deserved moment.  It is believed that anyone can do the job of coordinator, often handed off to a friend or family member believing that if they're organized, detail-oriented, and authoritative it will be magically managed, unfortunately not always the end results expected.


At Rella Services by Cindy, we are passionate about creating a memorable experience as we focus on the details while never losing sight on your special day.  We believe it starts with a meaningful collaboration as we put your vision into motion by working with you to expertly craft your story, capture your vision, mixing your vision together into a finished custom wedding or event.

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